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Archer LoMM

The archer is a class in Legends of Might and Magic. He is a member of the evil team, and is an excellent ranged fighter, but less skilled in melee. He is the counterpart of the good sorceress. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, the same height as the warrior, making him somewhat easy to hit in combat.

Archers start with the spear and bow. Their superweapon is the eye bow, which can either fire regular arrows at great speed, or summon a controllable eye that explodes when encountering enemies. Archers cannot wear chain or plate armor.

The archer is one of the greatest ranged attackers in the game, but less skilled in melee. He should stay out of the reach of melee fighters like the paladin. The eye bow enables him to fire rapidly at enemies, or scout the area using the summoned eye, but note that the archer is vulnerable to enemy attacks while using the eye.

The Archer is not suited to melee combat, but only because he doesn't need it. His skill with a bow rivals the magic of the Sorceress, and those who have faced him in combat would tell you his arrows at times seem possessed by dark sorcery.OffBck

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