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The archer is the second-tier creature of the Farm faction in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. Statistically a weak unit and generally considered the worst second-tier troop in the game, they are the only ranged troops of its town, and have a big strategical importance for being able to attack from afar and to direct the enemy hitters towards them.

The archer is the only shooting troop in the Knight's army, however their slow Speed does not make them very desirable for the fast endgame army: the rest of the Knight troops are medium and fast (obviously, not even thinking of peasants here), so the archers will be the ones slowing down the hero; it's a tough choice of whether to take them in the end or not.

The archers are superior to orcs by +2 Attack skill points and 4 extra shots, but have the Defense skill lower by -1 point. With their good growth, archers are definitely worth buying, because there is no other Knight troop that can kill without getting into close combat. Of course in some maps, certain dwellings provide free archers for visiting heroes.

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