The archangel is the upgrade of the angel, the seventh-level creature of the Castle faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited from the upgraded portal of glory.

With their great offensive and defensive power and flying ability, angels and archangels are among the mightiest creatures in the game. Both do 150% damage when attacking devils. Additionally, the archangel is able to resurrect dead allied troops once per combat.OffBck

Archangels are flying units. Due to this, and their high speed, they can move anywhere on the battlefield. They give +1 morale to any ally during combat. Once every battle, they can resurrect a number of creatures from a selected stack. The effect depends on the number of archangels, and the hit points of the targeted creature - each archangel heals 100 hit points.

Archangels do extra damage to devils and arch devils, but will also take extra damage from them.


In an interview with Greg Fulton, the lead designer of HoMM3, it was stated by him that the Angels and Archangels are robots created by the Ancients to exterminate Kreegans.


It is the strongest regularly-obtainable unit in Heroes III, and a cheat code exists granting 7 stacks of 100 archangels to the player's hero.


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