The Arc is a voidfaring confederation of nation-worlds descended from the Ancients. It is mentioned in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. Citizens of the Arc were known as Arcans.

It was composed of several habitable worlds, only one of which was named in the novels: the moon Lune, located in an unknown sector of The Void. Among other high-tech equipment, the Arc was responsible for the invention and production of The Reference, the instrument suits, and the golden ships. Its only known agent was Jassad Attqua, though it is likely Lastique and Brouderben were also loyal to its banner.

The Arc was engaged in a fierce rivalry with a second confederation named Bright Star, and information was not exchanged freely between the unions.[1] Jassad Attqua was sent to explore Hitch's and Diligence's world, as the planet displayed abilities and technology far above their stage of societal development. They hoped to discover some sort of weapon to use if war should happen to break out. Around the same time, Bright Star sent their agent Eil do Mer to the planet, to investigate the wonders that their mechanical probes were reporting.


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