Arbor'al is a nation in Axeoth, appearing in the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion Winds of War. It is ruled by King Erutan Revol, immortal elf and defender of the forest. It is bordered to the east by the kingdom of Channon.

Erutan had an agreement with king Hazz Maticus of Orilios that allowed the latter to gather sulfur from the Anduran Mountains, provided no wildlife was harmed during the miniing.[1]

Arbor'al was theorically more democratic than their neighboring nations, as when King Erutan decided to invade Channon for their aggressive foresting and hunting, he first needed to persuade the Druids and Rangers in his lands to see his point of view. He did this by invading their towns and killing their forces[2], which was somewhat less democratic.

The rulers of Arbor'al were very in tune with the forces of Nature, and as Erutan's forces marched ever deeper into Channon, Phoenixes, Unicorns and other creatures of the woods came to their towns and joined their cause.

When Erutan reached Rylos, the capital of Channon, he found four other conquerors trying to take the town[3]. It is unknown what happened to Erutan and Arbor'al after this.

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