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"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"

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Arb'fa'zul is a character in Shifters. He was one of the three kreegan leaders on Ardon.


The kreegans established a cult among the mages in Muq'Abar on Ardon. The kreegans used the cult to create a gate between worlds to allow a kreegan queen to arrive on the planet, but when the mages saw the monstrous creature, one of them broke the spell and the gate closed, killing the queen.

The kreegans were now unable to receive reinforcements. Ginsulan and Arb'fa'zul, two of the three remaining kreegan leaders, wanted to stay in the temple, since there were too few of them to fight the Ancients. However, Golgantra wanted to start the conquest of Ardon, and Ginsulan was killed trying to stop him.

When Alleron arrived in his search for Zash Mitra, Arb'fa'zul agreed to tell him the Inquisitor's location if the hero killed Golgantra. Alleron slew the kreegan, and Arb'fa'zul told him where Zash Mitra was.


Arb'fa'zul appears only in Shifters.

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