The ancient behemoth is the upgrade to the behemoth, the seventh-level creature of the Stronghold faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. It can be recruited from the upgraded behemoth lair.

The attack of these giant creatures is so overwhelming it reduces their target’s ability to mount further defenses. The attack of the behemoth reduces target defense value by 40%. Ancient behemoth attacks reduce it by 80%.OffBck

With almost twice as many hit points as the behemoth, is it far more durable, and the ability to bypass 80% of the enemy's defense, its attacks will do a lot of damage.

Targeting creatures with a high defense will allow it to get the most out of its ability, while leaving the weaker creatures in the enemy force to friendly creatures. The target is able to use only 20% of its defense when attacked by ancient behemoth.


  • Kilgor is a specialist in ancient behemoths, and gives them +5 to Attack and Defense, and +10 to damage.


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