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Tarnum standing before the Ancestors in the Hall of Judgement.

The Ancestors are three ancient barbarian heroes who appear in Heroes Chronicles. They stand in the Hall of Judgement, weighing the deeds of barbarians of Antagarich who have passed away. Those who have done good in life, are considered worthy of entering Paradise.

When Tarnum, king of the Barbarians, was slain in combat by King Rion Gryphonheart, the Ancestors faced a problem. As king, Tarnum had saved the barbarian people's history from being lost, and freed them from slavery under the Wizard-Kings of Bracaduun. But he had also committed many horrible atrocities, including slaughtering innocent peasants because they wouldn't join his horde, and poisoning his own captains when they tried to get him to stop his mad conquest and go home. As the Ancestors sensed some great potential in him, they sent him back to life as an immortal. He was then forced to do their bidding, performing great acts of good before they would let him enter Paradise.

Vorr the Insane[]

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One day, one of the Ancestors realized that a tribe of barbarians from Krewlod worshipped a war god based on Tarnum the Barbarian Tyrant, and by adopting a new aspect, he could use their worship to gain great power. He became Vorr the Insane, the Mad Ancestor. Imprisoning the other Ancestors, he tried to destroy the World Tree, the source of all life, but Tarnum managed to prove to the Followers of Vorr that the Immortal Hero was once the Barbarian Tyrant, and not worthy of any kind of worship.

In the end, Tarnum freed the other Ancestors and then defeated Vorr in single combat. After using sap from the World Tree to cure Vorr's madness, Tarnum returned to his life as the Immortal Hero, continuing to doing good in their name.

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