"Anastasya, our beloved sister, stabbed him in the heart!"
Anton, Heroes VI trailer

Anastasya Griffin is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Anastasya is the youngest daughter of Duke Slava and Duchess Cate of Griffin, and the twin-sister of Kiril, with whom she shares a deep bond, despite long years of relative separation (they studied under different tutors at the behest of the Emperor).
Charming, happy, trusting... She would have been all these things had it not been for a single accursed moment: the assassination of her father by her own hand.
In spite of the intervention of her mentor, the legendary Archangel Uriel, pledging the crime was not of her own willing, she is delivered to the Holy Inquisition, and summarily executed by her elder brother Anton. She only becomes aware of these bleak events when she is brought back as one of the Unliving by her Great-Aunt Sveltana, a practitioner of the mysterious arts of necromancy. Shocked and disbelieving, Anastasya’s fledgling denial rapidly transforms to grim acceptance and then into a cold, burning desire to clear her name by discovering who manipulated her, and how.

Anastasya is one of Slava's youngest children, along with Kiril. However, someone controlled her mind, forcing her to kill her father. After that, she was executed by her own brother, Anton, to spare her from the Inquisitions wrath. Later, she was raised from the dead by the Necromancer Sveltana, her great aunt.

Anastasya had two mentioned lovers. They were the Archangel Uriel and the Vampire Death Lord Vein, The Reaper of Souls.

However in her quest for the truth, to her shock, it was Uriel himself who took control of her, who had been scheming to rekindle the fires of the Elder Wars, by accusing the Faceless of the foul deed. Enraged by what she had discovered, Anastasya decided to repay him in kind, using the same artefact he had used against her, this time to take control of his mind. Unable to control his body and defend himself, Uriel was gruesomely ripped to shreds by Demons. Anastasya and her siblings later made sure Uriel’s machinations became widely known to the populace of the Empire, leading to what would be called the Charter of the Griffin, the separation of the Church and the State.

Later she would have an adopted daughter with Vein, Zakera, though she would later become distant with Vein because of his obsessions in hunting down the Nethermancer Sandro, his former brother-in-arms, now nemesis. Many decades later, The Mother Namtaru had chosen Anastasya as the hierophant in the Spider Cult (Necromancers' primary religion, another being the Followers of The Void led by Sandro), taking her great aunt's place. She went into exile during the civil war in the Seven Cities, yet like Sveltana, was still loyal to her name and remains good friends with Jorgen.

Believed dead (again) during the Purge of the Necromancers that ripped the Seven Cities apart, Anastasya returned from her self-imposed exile to assist Ivan, her brother Anton’s descendant, in his struggle, whom Ivan calls "aunt", much to her annoyance. She also realizes she is now playing the same role Sveltana once fulfilled for Slava – the irony is not lost on her. 

Heroes VII[edit | edit source]

Charming, happy, trusting... Anastasya would have been all these things had it not been for a single accursed moment: the assassination of her father by her own hand -- if not her own willing. Her brother Anton, all too aware of what the Inquisition would do to her to obtain a confession, chose to kill her instead. Her body was smuggled away and resurrected by her great-aunt Sveltana, a Necromancer of the Seven Cities. Sharing a mystical bond with the Avatar of the Spider Goddess known as the Mother Namtaru, Anastasya eventually became Hierophant of the Spider Cult.
Anastasya married Lord Vein, a Vampire knight with a troubled past. Together they adopted a living daughter, Zakera, a spirited girl whom Vein had rescued. But their happiness was not to last. During the Purge of the Necromancers, Vein met his final fate during the siege of Al-Betyl, sacrificing himself to give them the time to escape the burning city. In shock, Anastatsya was taken by the Mother Namtaru to the Spirit World to heal her physical and psychological wounds.
Anastatsya returned from her self-imposed exile to assist Ivan, her brother Anton's descendant, in his struggle. While she still looks like a 17 years old teenager, her eyes are old and cold, and she talks with the cynical wisdom and grim acceptance that come from surviving untold trials and tragedies. The once naive and hopeful girl is now a harsh and sarcastic woman, although she still displays, from time to time, a bit of that youthful enthusiasm and curiosity that she once possessed in spades.

During the final years of the civil war that was ripping the Holy Empire apart, she had sent Bluebeak, her familiar, to Tanis, knowing she was her best bet to save Ivan at Meadowfair. Back at Talonguard, it rapidly became obvious while there was some begrudging respect between the Wizard and the Necromancer, there would never be either friendship or trust. The horrors of the Purge and of the War of the Broken Staff were still too young. Anastasya would later be present when Ivan was given his new sword, The Griffin's Resolve, and would then become a member of the Shadow Council to assist him.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Heroes VI[edit | edit source]

Anastasya is a Necromancer.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hero Trait
Ghoul Rouser.png Ghoul Rouser
+2 Movement for Ghouls.OffBck

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Necropolis Campaign[edit | edit source]
Haven Campaign[edit | edit source]
Inferno Campaign[edit | edit source]

Shades of Darkness[edit | edit source]

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Heroes VII[edit | edit source]

Aastasya is an Embalmer.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hero Trait
Namtaru caller.png Namtaru Caller
The hero starts with a Namtaru unit. The Namtaru unit is considered maximum level for this hero.OffBck

Duel of Champions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Anastasya (card)

Anastasya appears as a hero card. She is the leader of the Necropolis faction.

Notes[edit | edit source]

In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, she is seen as an Embalmer. However, she has a model like a regular Embalmer rather than her own.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Anastasya appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, its add-on, Shades of Darkness, in Might & Magic: Heroes VII and in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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