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The Alliance of Jadame is a council that appears in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It was set up to deal with the destruction caused by the Convocation of Cataclysm.


The alliance was first proposed by Bastian Loudrin. He was a firm believer in the Ekelbreth Sumanunala, the old dark elf scriptures about the end of the world. The prophecy stated that "The land that stands together will be saved. That which does not will perish", and Bastian believed that they should form an alliance among the races of Jadame to prevent oblivion. The dark elves and the trolls were already willing to help him, so he asked the Hero of Jadame to visit the kings, chieftains, guild masters, and other leaders of Jadame, request their aid, and ask them to meet in Ravenshore.

When three more leaders had joined the alliance, they received news that Queen Catherine and King Roland were in a ship just of the coast, but were prevented from going ashore by the Regnan pirates. At the council's request, the Hero of Jadame killed the pirate leader, driving the pirates away and letting Catherine and Roland join the alliance.

The alliance then asked the Hero of Jadame to talk to Xanthor, Roland's and Catherine's court sage, as they hoped he would be able to figure out what was going on. With Xanthor's guidance, the hero managed to enter the Plane Between Planes, free the elemental lords, and prevent Escaton from destroying the planet. Peace reigned over the land, and the alliance began to think about the land's restoration.


The party must visit the five potential members, convincing three of them to join the alliance.

The dragon hunters are at war with the dragons, and the Temple of the Sun is at war with the Necromancers' Guild, so it's impossible to get all five leaders to join the alliance. The party must choose which side to support in the two conflicts.