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The Alchemist is the Might hero class of the Tower faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Magic counterpart is the Wizard.

Alchemists are skilled in physical and chemical magic, particularly so in the building and animation of golems. Working their craft builds muscular strength, which makes Alchemists ready learners of military skills as well. Their armor is composed of rare metal alloys created through their skill in alchemy.OffBck

Upon leveling up, Alchemists are most likely to gain attack and defense (30% each), and less likely to gain spellpower or knowledge (20% each).

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
10 Learning
8 Armorer
6 Ballistics, Logistics, Offense, Wisdom
5 Archery, Resistance
4 Air Magic, Artillery, Estates, Intelligence, Mysticism, Pathfinding, Scouting, Tactics
3 Diplomacy, Eagle Eye, Earth Magic, Leadership, Navigation, Scholar, Sorcery
2 First Aid, Luck, Water Magic
1 Fire Magic
0 Necromancy

Notable alchemists[]

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