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Lord Albert Newton is a character in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, and can be found in Castle Newton. He is the High Sorcerer of Enroth, and a member of the High Council of Enroth. His councilman is Euclid Kepler.


Lord Newton was one of Roland's supporters during the Second War of Enrothian Succession, and was given the title of High Sorcerer as a reward. Archibald tried to bribe him, offering him much knowledge to betray Roland, but Newton refused.

Lord Newton is known as a brilliant researcher, and was once one of the greatest sorcerers that ever lived, but he grew very forgetful as the years passed. Some say that Lord Newton has "forgotten more sorcerous knowledge than Archibald ever knew, excepting the school of dark magic."


To earn his vote on the council, the party must complete the Retrieve the Hourglass of Time quest.

As the High Sorcerer, can also promote sorcerers in the party to wizards if they complete the Drink from the Fountain of Magic quest, and promote wizards to archmages if they then complete the Retrieve the Crystal of Terrax quest.


Albert Newton is named after Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.


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