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Alastor is an Inferno Demon Lord hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Alastor showed his skill at mind control at a tender age, as his childhood enemies took to wandering inexplicably into lava flows. Delighted by this precocious display of talent, the Sovereign permitted Alastor to study the arts of mental domination under the masters in Sheogh and later across all the lands of Ashan. Many a time have enemy troops, mesmerized by his gaze, come over to fight at the demons' side.OffBck



Hero Trait
H5SpecMindreaver.png Mindreaver
The Confusion spell has an additional effect of decreasing target's mana on one point per every hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicGating.png Basic Gating
H5BasicSorcery.png Basic Sorcery H5ManaRegeneration.png Mana Regeneration


Tribes of the East[]

  • Hate Breeds Hate: Agbeth can bargain with Alastor. As such, he needs to give him the Book of Destructive Magic so he can transform dwarves into demons.


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