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The patriarch of the Elves, Alaron (meaning Eternal Mercy in Elvish) is the High King of Irollan during the timeframe of Heroes of Might and Magic V. While a powerful elder druid and stolid defender of the Harmony, he is nevertheless wracked with guilt, having failed to destroy Kha-Beleth at the end of the War of the Gray Alliance.


All Elves worship the ideal of Harmony, Alaron did so to the point that he even viewed his enemies as necessary and worthy. While this could be a good philosophy on a cosmic scale, it causes great difficulty when a leader of troops has a tendency to forgive and let live attacking troops. Understanding the political necessity of destroying others for the preservation of his realm, Alaron nevertheless avoids those moments whenever possible.OffBck

Past memoriesEdit

A formidable Druid, Alaron obtained control over Irollan in 756 YSD, succeeding his predecessor Vaniel to become the nation's fifth King. His rule turned the eyes of the kingdom outside of the forest, and he established closer contacts with other races, assisting the Silver League in the wars against the Necromancers and encouraging foreign traders to Irollan's borders.[1]

In 951 YSD, Alaron led troops to assist King Alexei Griffin IV and Cyrus in the conclusive battles of the War of the Gray Alliance, culminating in an attack against Sheogh at Ur-Hekal. When Kha-Beleth - fearing for his safety - began to close the gates of the Inferno, King Alexei and his household knights charged in to end the Sovereign's life. However, Alaron considered it unwise to follow, while Cyrus thought it suicidal. The two leaders hesitated, watching as Kha-Beleth claimed victory by killing Alexei. The emerald dragons then deserted Irollan, disgusted at Alaron's lack of courage and honour.

During Queen Isabel's WarEdit

Alaron returned with his forces to Irollan and maintained peace in the realm, but was drawn into Queen Isabel's War in 969 YSD, immediately after Markal usurped control over the Griffin Empire following the reanimation of King Nicolai Griffin. When Lord Caldwell fled the Empire after Godric's imprisonment, Alaron agreed to shelter him and his rebel allies, and was consequently attacked by Markal's forces along with a Sheogh army led by Biara. Alaron charged Captain Findan with the task of defending the borders.

Meanwhile, Alaron commanded the defence of Syris Thalla, and compelled Findan to make peace with the Emerald Dragons in Irollan's time of need. Findan departed for the Blazing Sands and succeeded in regaining the Dragons' trust, but returned too late - undead had commenced a brutal attack on the city. Findan and the Dragons narrowly rescued Alaron, but the King was badly wounded. He instructed Findan to travel to the Irisus Sea and seek Tieru's guidance before succumbing to his wounds.



Hero Trait
H5SpecElvenFury Elven Fury
Blade Dancers, Hunters, and Druids (as well as their upgrades) get Enraged ability.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicAvenger Basic Avenger
H5BasicLeadership Basic Leadership H5Recruitment Recruitment

He's not available for the player to control in any campaign or scenario, but can still be enabled or placed on user-created maps without difficulty. A Ranger, he is initially armed a ballista.



The RangerEdit

  • The Refugees: Alaron speaks with the rebels and decides that they can stay under Findan's guidance.
  • The Emerald Ones: Alaron gives orders to Findan to bring the emerald dragons back to Irollan.
  • The Defense: Alaron gives his final order to Findan to find Tieru before he sacrifices himself.


  • He was internally named Ildar.
  • A hero named "Alaron" defended Erewel in The Ship scenario. The hero had Vinrael's hero portrait.


Alaron appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.



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