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Alaric is a Knight character in the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansions Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.


An excessively fanatical priest of Elrath with delusions of grandeur, Alaric was easily seduced by Biara-as-Isabel and her promises of power and glory. Forsaking Elrath's worship - even if not entirely realising that he did so - Alaric has been drawn further and further into Biara's web of persecution, murder and paranoia.OffBck

Alaric was the priest of Flammschrein who got promoted to Archbishop when Saint Isabel formed the Red Church. Being very loyal to the queen, Alaric began his inquisition with Freyda and Laszlo. On their quest to defeat all rebels, Alaric gave a emotional support to Freyda, who had to slay her uncle, Lord Caldwell. Once Freyda reached Tor Hrall, Laszlo attacked the dwarves. While Freyda left, Laszlo continued to serve the queen, bringing Andrei, Nicolai's cousin, to the queen.

Afterwards, Alaric managed to slay Quroq, the orcs' chieftain. When he came to report this to the queen, Arantir freed Isabel's soul and the false queen, Biara, lost her illusion. This caused Alaric to go mad, knowing he served a demonic queen, and ran away. Eventually, he encountered Gotai and was offered a honorable death. Mistaking Khengi, the orcs' shaman, for a demon, Alaric killed the goblin. Gotai called upon his forces, crushing Alaric's forces and slew Alaric for this murderous act, ending his inquisition.


Abilities Edit

Hero Trait
H5SpecWindrider Windrider
The effect of Haste spell is increased by 1% for every hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5ExpertAttack Expert Attack H5BattleFrenzy Battle Frenzy


Hammers of FateEdit

Freyda's DilemmaEdit
  • Rebels: Queen Isabel sends Alaric and Laszlo to aid Freyda in defeating the rebels
  • The Suspicion: Alaric uses his holy magic to purge the demonic presence in the villages.
  • Duncan: After Duncan is defeated, Alaric and Laszlo intimidate Duncan, but Freyda perusades them, taking care of him personally.
  • Negotiations: Alaric comes with Freyda to the gate for negotiations, but allows Freyda to speak to the dwarves herself.
Ylaya's QuestEdit

Tribes of the EastEdit

Rage of the TribesEdit
The Will of AshaEdit
  • Heart of Darkness: When Arantir frees Isabel's soul, Biara's magic disguise no longer works, making Alaric crazy he served a demonic queen.
To Honour Our FathersEdit


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