Aislinn is a female undead Necromancer seen in Heroes III and IV.

Background Edit

Heroes III Edit

Aislinn has always preferred the feel of the earth over the sky, and many believe she can draw life from the ground merely by being in contact with it.OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Aislinn has an uncommon connection to the earth. Any time she becomes separated from it, she begins to feel uncomfortable - which is why she brings a bag of fresh soil with her everywhere she goes. Aislinn believes the worms and decay within the dirt actually talk to her.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

Heroes III Edit

Aislinn is a Necromancer, and starts with basic Wisdom and Necromancy.

Hero Trait
MeteorShowerH3 specialty Meteor Shower
Casts Meteor Shower with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit (the bonus is greater when used on weaker units).OffBck

Heroes IV Edit

Aislinn is a necromancer.


Aislinn appears in Heroes III and Heroes IV.

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