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For other creatures of the same name, see air elemental.
Icon-MM6.png Air elemental Icon-MM6.png
Hit Points: 207
Armor Class: 14
Special attack: Break item
Damage: 8D6
Attack Speed: 100
Preferred enemy: Sorcerer
Primary attack: Electrical
Primary attack ranged: Electrical
Level: 33
Experience: 1419
Magic: Immune
Fire: 10
Physical: 10
Electric: Immune
Cold: 10
Poison: Immune

The air elemental is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is stronger than the dust devil and twister.

Air elementals have a ranged attack that deals 8D6 electrical damage, and have a chance to break the party's items. They will target sorcerers in the party, and are immune to electric, poison, and magic damage.

They can be encountered in the Blackshire and Castle Alamos.