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The air elemental is a neutral creature in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

Fierce winds that follow the dragon-veins along deep chasms, the cliffs of high mountains, or wide-open plains can collect and carry powerful motes of elemental energy. These have been observed to condense and generate Air Elementals. Spontaneous appearances are also associated with the the most violent storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes that lash the surface of Ashan.OffBck


Immune to Air.png Immune to Air
The creature cannot be the target of negative Air spells or effects. Air damage from enemy attacks are halved.OffBck
Vulnerable to Earth.png Vulnerable to Earth
The creature suffers +25% more Earth damage.OffBck
Strike and Return H7.png Strike and Return
The creature flies back to it initial position after attacking if this position is still accessible.OffBck