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King Aiden Stoneheart is a character in Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was the King of Corantha, but was slain by traitors working for Necros. He was later raised as an undead, but killed again by Drake.

Current ruler of Corantha and head of the ruling clan of Stoneheart, King Aiden holds the Sceptre of Regency, which tradition holds as the symbol of power in dwarven society. Aiden has two successors to his regency: an older son, Dain, who shows great promise as a bold and commanding youth of proud stature, and a younger son, Tor, who though quite clever is a bit withdrawn and brooding.OffBck


When Drake joined Celestia and her Crusaders, she sent him to Corantha to act as her emissary to the dwarves. He arrived in the dwarven lands to learn that King Aiden had been slain and the nation was in the middle of a rebellion. They knew that there was a traitor among them, and Drake discovered that it was Tor, the king's youngest son. As soon as he was discovered, Tor fled.

In order to help Tor's older brother Dain become the new king, Drake went to Duskwood and retrieved the Scepter of Regency from the ogres. When he returned to Corantha, General Martel told him that Aiden's body had disappeared, and that Dain had gone looking for both his father and his brother.

Drake found Tor, Dain, and Aiden imprisoned in crystals and guarded by elementals. After defeating the elementals, Drake learned that Aiden had been raised as a revenant. Tor and Dain fled, leaving Drake to slay the undead king.

PC version[]

In the PC version, Aiden never appears; Drake just learns that he was slain before he arrived in Corantha.


Icon-Crusaders.jpg Aiden Icon-Crusaders.jpg
Hit Points: 1,500
Strength: 60
Spells: Holy wrath
Level: 8
Experience: 6,400
Treasure: Warhammer (dark)
3 dark gems
Normal: 85
Fire: 65
Air: 65
Water: 100
Earth: 65
Mind: 50
Spirit: 65
Body: 100
Light: 50
Dark: 100

In the PS1 version, Aiden is encountered in Corantha after retrieving the Scepter of Regency. He is a tough melee opponent, so Drake should rely on spells to take him down. His warhammer does dark damage.

He is immune to water, body, and dark damage, but is less resistant to mind and light damage.

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