Ahribban is a character featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. He is a boss featured in the last scenario of the Haven Campaign.


Demon Prince of Hate, and first servant of the Overlord Ur-Hekal, Ahribban is a cold-blooded schemer of the highest-order in a place where the climate is usually described as “scalding hot” and the competition for scheming isn’t exactly thin on the ground.
Dedicated to breeding hatred between allies, families, and enemies, Ahribban has a knack for looking deep into any creature’s soul and seeing its fears and dreams, fragile as eggshells.
His best plans, like his intention to end the Falcon line and destroy their arrogant empire, however are meticulous moments of design, as intricate calculus of hatred for the whole of Ashan.

Ahribban killed the Emperor Liam Falcon during the siege of Falcon's Reach, in 654 YSD, but was in turn defeated by Duke Anton Griffin before he could eradicate the city. Ahribban didn't resurface since, so he is presumed dead.


Icon-H6 Ahribban Icon-H6
Tier Boss
Hit points 80000
Might attack -
Magic attack 15500
Might defense 73%
Magic defense 73%
Damage 15250-15750
Initiative 55
Speed 99
Range None
Morale 0
Destiny 50
Size Large
Heroes VI Pit Lord Icon

Tactic Edit

It is necessary to create a big army in order for the boss to be defeated under some turns, and cannot take advantage of his abilities then. He may use the "Boundless Hate" ability, but it will not cause serious losses if the player's army is large enough.

Abilities Edit

Ill Blood
Ill Blood

Target enemy instantly attacks an adjacent creature with 5% increased damage. Also consumes the target's action for the current turn. Cooldown: 2 turn(s).OffBck

Mark of Consumption
Mark of Consumption

Increases damage (Fire) dealt to target enemy by 100% until the end of the combat. Cooldown: 2 turn(s).OffBck

Gating H6 IV
Summon Demons

Ahribban summons a stack of demons to his aid at the start of each turn. Cooldown: 1 turn.OffBck

Boundless Hate
Boundless Hate

This fire based magic damages all enemy units. Cooldown: 3 turn(s).OffBck


Creatures can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck

Fireproof Skin
Fireproof Skin

Having adapted to the volcanic environment of their prison-world Sheogh, demons are 20% more resistant to Fire damage.OffBck

Vulnerability to Light
Vulnerability to Light

Light spells which damage the living are empowered against undead and demons by 20%. Light spells which heal the living damage undead and demons.OffBck

Drain Luck
Drain Luck

Ahribban's attacks drain 10 Luck from the target and transfers to his own. Each target can only be drained once. Lasts until the end of the combat. Cannot be dispelled.OffBck


Movement and Initiative of Boss creatures cannot be reduced. Also grants immunity of Blind effects, Mind Influence and effects causing loss of action.OffBck


Tutorial CampaignEdit

Haven CamapignEdit

Achievements Edit

Achi Last Stand
Last Stand

Defeat Ahribban before he destroys a wall section of Falcon's Reach.OffBck

See Tactic.

Achi Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter

Defeat all boss creatures.OffBck


Ahribban appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


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