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Agraynel is a female Bard, and the campaign hero for the Another Bard's Tale campaign. The use of that hero requires the Gathering Storm expansion pack.


Born in a small woodland village, Agraynel lost both of her parents in an attack by a neighboring kingdom. She chose to become a bard both to honor her parents by keeping their memory alive through song, and to record history from the perspective of the common people.OffBck

Agraynel is one of the five heroes that set out from Devonshire to stop the mad wizard Hexis by gathering powerful artifacts. Agraynel sought Aiffe's Mandolin, a magical musical instrument she believed was located on the Isle of the Dawn[1]. The artifact wasn't there, but she found the Harmonic Chainmail, and learned the location of the Necklace of Muses. As she needed both artifacts to find the Mandolin, she travelled to Thunderflash Mountains, battling Hexis's minions for the Necklace[2].

Finally discovering that the Mandolin was hidden in the Uludin Foothills, Agraynel learned that Hexis had sent another of his minions to aquire it first. Using her stealth skills, she managed to reach the Mandolin first, preparing for the final fight against Hexis[3]. The five heroes marched on Hexis's lands, using their combined might and the powers of their artifacts to defeat the magician once and for all[4].


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