"Arrogant scum.
And my name's Agrael. How do you do, Miss Scum? Or do your friends call you Arrogant?

—Agrael and the captured succubus

Agrael's Trial is a scenario in Tribes of the East.


Agrael has proved to be very powerful. Kha-Beleth is impressed and gives him an army. There is a catch; other Demon Lords do not accept Agrael as his assistant and will attack him. To deflect the attacks, Agrael should capture the gold mines, as well as the draconic artifacts below Ur-Kurgan.

It will take less than a week for first attackers, Veyer and Alastor, to appear. Agrael should defeat them first, then continue to capture the mines. While he is away, the town will be attacked several times. If the town is captured, he needs to re-capture it within a week or be defeated. After 2 weeks or so, a succubus will be captured and warns Agrael there will be an attack, one he will not be able to stop.

Not long after that, a succubus spawns and will come to Ur-Kurgan with reinforcements. She does not reveal her name... yet. Still, Agrael should continue with his travels. In south is a seer who would like to get a Pendant of Mastery, which is in north. Doing this Agrael will receive 5000 XP. In addition, in east, a hero, Nebiros, is held. Agrael should free this demon to help in his task. In the west is a witch who identifies Agrael as Raelag and is willing to help him by cursing the enemies' armies, for a sum of gold.

After a month, the Demon Lords will spawn with some powerful armies. Agrael, Biara and Nebiros need to defeat all four of them. They will wander for a while and may attack the city. When the last enemy hero is defeated, Kha-Beleth praises Agrael's success and sends him to the Holy Griffin Empire, where he will have to watch over a certain woman and make sure she is not harmed... and stays a virgin.


  • Agrael is sent to the Holy Griffin Empire.



Agrael needs to be sent to get the mines while Ur-Kurgan is developed. Since there are no heroes at the tavern (except Grawl, though he will be available later), the town needs to be defended until Biara spawns or Nebiros is freed. When the final wave comes, they need to be prepared well to attack. The enemy heroes should be kept seperate, as if they interact, one will give away all his army, making the fights a lot tougher.

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