Lord Agbeth is a Dark Elven Warlock who acted as the defender of Malassa's sanctuaries in the ages following his race's pact with the Faceless and their subsequent exile underground after the Day of the Tears of Fire. He is introduced in Tribes of the East.

Biography Edit

Agbeth is a child of a cruel people living during a violent time. Sundered from their Sylvan brothers and driven underground, he has been caught up in the Dark Elves' war against the Dwarves. Agbeth is not one to be troubled by fear, however; even among his Machiavellian people Agbeth has a reputation for cold, ruthless efficiency.OffBck

Tribes of the East Edit

Formidable among even his own ruthless kin, Agbeth developed a reputation for insurpassable efficiency prior to his clash with the Dwarves. In a conflict which appears to have precipitated the War under the Mountains, Agbeth led the offensive against Hangvul along with his subordinate, Rangathal, after the wanton desecration of Malassa's altars during mining expansions. Hangvul and his underlings had stolen tomes on Shadowsteel and shadow wisdom, and Agbeth later repaid their leader in kind.

Reaching a truce with the Demon Lord Alastor by recovering a Tome of Destruction Magic, Agbeth ravaged the Dwarven Fortresses in the caverns. He captured Hangvul, exacting vengeance for the theft of Malassa's two sacred gifts - ordering Hangvul's left eye and arm removed as punishment. Agbeth decreed that his foe was to toil as a slave, to "mend the damage done". Though Hangvul came to escape custody within less than a decade, Agbeth's fate afterward is not detailed.

Trial by Fire Edit

In Trial by Fire, Agbeth was the last enemy of the dwarves. Hathor defeated him and took his head as a gift for Hangvul. When Agbeth died, the War under the Mountains was finished.

Gameplay Edit

Tribes of the East Edit

A campaign-exclusive hero, Agbeth is only officially present in Hate Breeds Hate, a single scenario in Tribes of the East wherein he acts as the playable protagonist. He begins with Basic Irresistible Magic, Basic Dark magic, the Dark Ritual perk and Eldritch Arrow. His specialty, Dark Mystic, enhances the Dark Ritual perk based on his experience level. He is internally named Almegir.

Specialty Edit

Hero Trait
H5SpecDarkMystic Dark Mystic
Dark Ritual ability is more powerful, enabling the hero to regenerate mana even beyond the normal max mana cap. Amount regenerated over the cap depends on hero level.OffBck

Trial by Fire Edit

Agbeth is a Dark Prophet.


Hero Trait
Darkness H7 Disciple of Darkness
The hero has +6 Magic when casting Dark spells.OffBck


Agbeth appears in Tribes of the East and Trial by Fire.


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