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Agar is a character in Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. He also appears in the Might & Magic: Heroes VI scenario The Princess of VARN.

Background Edit

Agar sees himself as a scientist rather than a wizard. One of his hobbies is the creation of all kinds of hybrid creatures, that usually go on a rampage and need to be destroyed by brave adventurers. Agar was shocked when his disciple, the elf Telgoran, was beaten to death by an angry mob after creating beautiful monsters. Agar feels he could create a much more "enlightened" society if he could sit on VARN's throne.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

He must be visited to complete the Bring the Vellum Scroll to Telgoran quest. He lives in a secret house behind the Inn of Erliquin. The heroes bring him a Vellum Scroll from Ranalou, and he tells them to send it to his protege Telgoran.

Scenarios Edit

Appearances Edit

Agar appears in Might and Magic I and in a Heroes VI scenario, The Princess of VARN.

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