For the other character with the same name, see Agar (VARN-4).

Agar is a Warlock who appears in Heroes I, Heroes II, and Might and Magic VI.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Agar was responsible for the creation of the Minotaur race. The long-term results of this achievement proved disastrous to his plans, as the emotional instability of humans combined with the temper of bulls made them far too difficult to control. These tensions culminated in a rout after the Succession Wars, when his creations forced him to flee Castle Kriegspire, leaving the memory crystal under his care behind.

In an excerpt from his journal found in his hidden laboratory, Agar expressed his regret over his mistake, warning the reader to "never cross a bull with anything". Intent to breed a force and reclaim the crystal, his subsequent experiments accidentally led to the creation of evil eyes.

At some point between the Succession Wars and 1165 AS, Agar became a lich.

In the short story Geography, it is revealed that he is the uncle of Xanthor, the university professor who was Catherine Ironfist's court wizard in Might and Magic VIII.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Heroes I[edit | edit source]

Agar is a Warlock.

Heroes II[edit | edit source]

Agar is a Warlock.

Might and Magic VI[edit | edit source]

Agar is a lich that can be found in Agar's Laboratory. He's a 50th-level lich with 320 hit points and an AC of 25. He does 5D9+30 points of physical damage, and gives 1100 when slain.

He has a resistance of 20 against fire, electrical, cold, and poison damage, a resistance of 10 against magic, and is immune to physical damage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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