Adventure magic spells are spells to be used on the world map. A hero does not need to be versed in a specific school to learn them, i.e. no magic skill is required, but they need to be at a specific experience level. They can be learned in any Magic Guild built to sufficient level. Barbarians need to buy talismans to use adventure magic spells.

Level 2 SpellsEdit

Spell VesselOfShalassa

Vessel of Shalassa (4 Mana) - Summons a sea ship. Hero must stand on a shore and there must be an unoccupied boat nearby for the spell to be successful.

Level 3 SpellsEdit

Spell SummonCreatures

Summon Creatures (1 Mana/Creature Summoned) - Summons creatures from nearest town.

Buy your creatures in the town garrison before casting the spell. You will be able to choose which stack(s) you summon. Each summoned creature costs 1 Mana. Since patch 1.3 Summon Creatures additionally uses up 75% of the hero's maximum movement points. With less than those movement points available, the spell can't be executed.

That spell requires a hero level 10 to be learned.

Level 4 SpellsEdit

Spell InstantTravel

Instant Travel (15 Mana) - Teleports the hero and his entire army to another location on adventure map.

That spell requires a hero level 15 to be learned.

Level 5 SpellsEdit

Spell TownPortal

Town Portal (20 Mana) - Transports hero to the nearest friendly town (all the movement points will be lost)

That spell requires a hero level 20 to be learned.

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