Advanced classes is a gameplay concept introduced in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Heroes will get an advanced class, with their own special bonus, if they learn more than one major secondary skill. Some of these classes get very useful bonuses, while others get weaker bonuses.

Advanced classes requiring Combat tend to be quite weak, as Combat is such a strong skill, while those requiring Nobility are a lot more useful to compensate for the skill's weaknesses.

For Archmage 3 of the 5 magic classes is needed.

Demonologist Dark Priest
Enchanter Monk Shadow Mage
Warlock Heretic Lich Wizard
Beastmaster Paladin Assassin Battle Mage Fireguard
Bard Prophet Ninja Seer Fire Diviner Ranger
Beast Lord Cardinal Dark Lord Wizard King Witch King Warlord Guildmaster
Warden Crusader Reaver Illusionist Pyromancer General Field Marshal Lord Commander

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