Adrian Smith is a British illustrator who worked as a concept artist for Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East. Smith created the majority of new hero portraits introduced in the game; also, he painted Sareth and Aratrok for the Dark Messiah scenario and created unreleased artwork for the Naga.[1]. Smith is also responsible for designing the coat of arms of the Griffin Empire's duchies.[2]

Smith is also known for his many illustrations for the Games Workshop wargames, where he has especially achieved notability for his role in creating the dark serious atmospheric setting of Warhammer 40,000.

Currently, Smith is working on the French series of graphic novels titled Broz, which are written by Pat Mills, 'the godfather of British comics'.

Adrian Smith is the author of many of the artworks featured in The Art of Might and Magic, and the 19th Page of the book is dedicated to him. This folio also holds a paragraph written by Smith:

"In my freelance career I have worked on both large and small contracts. Over the past years or so I have been working on computer games for next generation console or PC games. Over my career I have become a respected name in the game industry and, because of this, am often asked by companies, large and small, to design concepts and do cover work for them. Along with my contract work, I find time to personal projects such as the series of graphic novels titled 'Broz'. This is a popular series (three books so far) in Europe and is written by Pat Mills, a well-established and famous comic writer."[2]

Smith's official website is


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