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"The Wizards of the Seven Cities are renown for their wondrous creations, their magical armies and their magnificent cities. Yet on the battlefield, it is their spells that put the fear of the Dragons into their enemies. There is no more powerful wielder of magic than a Wizard of Academy."

Academy is a faction in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

The Wizards of the Seven Cities saved Ashan from a Demon invasion when they created the Orcs during the first Blood Moon eclipse. When the Orcs rebelled, taking many other Beastmen with them, the powers that rule were realigned and currently four houses manoeuver for power. Chimera, the creators of the beastmen, and Anima, the masters of elemental spirits, are losing ground to House Materia, the creators of Golems and Titans. House Eterna has nearly split away with their Necromancers and Undead armies who some consider no longer Wizards.OffBck

Playing styleEdit

The wizards are a tough faction to play, due to their high requirements or even drawbacks. However, the rewards are satisfying, for the Academy cards are quite powerful. This can be achieved by having creatures with Magic Channel to power the Magic level of the hero. It also focuses on milling cards. The Academy has all magic schools available, though Prime is used more often than others.

The armies are composed of wizards, djinns, beastmen (mostly rakshasa) and constructs (gargoyles, golems and titans).


Lists of cards
Academy DoC
Heroes Creatures Spells (Prime) Fortunes Buildings
Academy card backs
  • Ordinary version
  • Silver premium version
  • Gold premium version


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