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The Academy is one of the five playable factions featured in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Nadia is the main character of the Academy part of the campaign.

Academy walls become stronger when more walls are in play.

This faction is a magical powerhouse and benefits from increased magical abilities. However, the Academy suffers in attack strength and has weaker defensive capabilities. Players that enjoy status altering magical spells will appreciate the unorthodox and varied tactics that the Academy provides.OffBck


Academy creatures
Creature Image Tier Description
Apprentice Apprentice (CoH) Core Attacks the enemy with stinging magical orbs.
Gremlin Gremlin (CoH) Core Shoots a magical blast that deals heavy damage to the first enemy row, but then weakens as it travels further.
Golem Golem (CoH) Core Powerful automaton armed with deadly Scimitars.
Djinn Djinn (CoH) Elite The Djinn attack freezes any formation it hits for 3 turns. Frozen formations can be easily destroyed by other attacks.
Mage Mage (CoH) Elite Casts a bolt of lightning that spreads through any idle units it touches.
Rakshasa Rakshasa (CoH) Champion Hits the enemy Hero and deplets an equal amount of both their HP and MP.
Titan Titan (CoH) Champion Pounds the ground sending a shockwave across the enemy's battlefield, damaging connected enemy walls.
Phoenix Phoenix (CoH) Champion (Secret) Spreading fire in its path, the Phoenix resurrects your Formations once if they die while its charging.

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