Aalondor is a continent on Axeoth that was meant to appear in the scrapped storyline to Legends of Might and Magic. It was south of Iranese[1]. Rydric's kingdom was located on Aalondor.

Rydric's old friend and advisor, Zephram Dagrath, was accidentally transported to another world while researching old artifacts. Rydric's son Golwyn gathered five companions and traveled after Zephram bring him home. However, by the time they reached him, the advisor had become obsessed with reconstructing an ancient artifact that would grant him great power[2].

He planned to use the Gate of Anduran to travel back in time and alter the course of history, putting himself on the throne instead of Rydric[3]. The shaman Teldran believed that Zephram's actions could destroy the world, so he asked Golwyn and his companions to stop Zephram from using the gate.

Sources Edit

  1. "When we did MM9, LOMM, and HOMM 4, we actually drew a map and gave each project its own continent, so I can tell you that Rysh (the conbtinent Chedian, Mendossus, and Framon is on) is almost directly opposite the continent H4 took place on, and south of that, somewhere was the continent the original design of Legends was supposed to be on."
    -Tim Lang
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