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A Strategic Quest is the main (and only) campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. The first playable campaign in the Heroes series, it introduces the world of Enroth and the continent of the same name. The campaign takes place during the First War of Enrothian Succession.

Before playing the campaign, the player must choose one of four faction leaders to support - Lord Morglin Ironfist of the Knights, Lord Slayer of the Barbarians, Queen Lamanda of the Sorceresses, or Lord Alamar of the Warlocks. Aside from setting the starting faction, this choice also decides the player's starting positions on each map, and determines which three faction leaders must be individually confronted in the campaign's penultimate maps. It does not have an effect on the final outcome of the campaign, which remains linear.

Scenario progression[]

  1. Gateway - The initial map, a straightforward battle between the four factions set upon a small, near-symmetrical island. The scenario objective is to capture the town of Gateway, guarded by a Dragon.
  2. The Archipelago - The Archipelago of the Ancients lies between the four lords and an unexplored continent on the horizon. Locked in a marine battle, they each vie for control over the opposing three islands before progressing.
  3. The Wounded Land - On the Enroth mainland, the faction leaders engage in a race to locate the elusive Eye of Goros, a buried artifact capable of healing the miasmatic continent. Much like the Ultimate artifacts and the Grail of later entries, the Eye can only be located by visiting Obelisks.
  4. Free-for-All - The second outright battle between the contesting lords, the free-for-all is a last-man-standing conquest. All opposition must be crushed to attain victory, and exploration and speed are of the essence.
  5. Castle Ironfist - To rout Lord Ironfist's Knights, the heavily-defended Castle Ironfist, located across the Floodwater River, must be crushed. The map is unavailable if the player has chosen Lord Ironfist as leader.
  6. Castle Slayer - The Barbarians of the Frozen Highlands, led by Lord Slayer, lie across the Trackless Desert, and only the demolition of Castle Slayer will suffice to end their rampage. The map is unavailable if the player has chosen Lord Slayer as leader.
  7. Castle Lamanda - Confronted, the Sorceress Queen Lamanda primes her forces in a northerly maze of forestland, fortifying Castle Lamanda, her home keep, which must be conquered. The map is unavailable if the player has chosen Queen Lamanda as leader.
  8. Castle Alamar - In the smoky volcanic rifts beyond a treacherous swampland wild with Minotaurs, Lord Alamar awaits within his mountainous bastion. The map is unavailable if the player has chosen Lord Alamar as leader.
  9. King-of-the-Hill - Their might individually shattered, the remaining three warlords band together against the player in a final effort to claim dominion. The conquest of the Dragon City in the central isle is all that lies between obscurity and victory.