"Surpassing her infamous father's accomplishments, Tawni Balfour embarks on a journey filled with battle and mayhem as she seizes control of the important waterways around the Gold Sea. She not only faces pirates and creatures from the bottom of the sea, but also her own dark past as she sets out to become the Pirate Queen of the Gold Sea."

A Pirate's Daughter is the Asylum campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and consists of five scenarios.

After her father's death at the hands of a rival pirate, Tawni claims his ship and crew, and starts her quest to become a Pirate Queen.

The five scenarios in order are:

  1. The Pirate's Daughter
  2. Bloody Cove
  3. The Strait of the Lost
  4. Bay of Maids
  5. Never Look Back

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