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• 8/28/2018

Hey there!

I know this /d is inactive and rather new, but I enjoy te HoMM series quite a bit. Played 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. 7 and 3 being my favourites, and 4 being my least favourite simply due to the gameplay and controls. I was wondering what anybody else's games are their favourite and/or least favourite, and why?
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• 7/9/2018

Problem Posting a comment

I had been posting comments after finishing each scenario in HoMM 4 GS. I got to the last scenario and I can't post my comment. I can't even figure out how to make sure I am logged in.
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• 3/31/2018

Table of contents?

I'm glad I found this page, as it has MM6 game info not available in other sources. However- it is really hard to navigate. There seem to be no table of contents, or any obvious way to see/reach available info from the main page (http://mightandmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Might_and_Magic_VI:_The_Mandate_of_Heaven). There is only 'MM6 list of monsters' in there, and as some monsters can cast spells- I could then find the lists of spells, skills, etc. But all that potentially useful info is effectively hidden when browsing the main page of MM6.
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• 1/8/2018

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